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Diwali is the most auspicious day of the year, especially for Hindus. Usually, this festival comes between (mid-October – November). What do you know about this festival? It’s all about sweets, decorations, new clothes, shopping, etc. No, it shows a sign of victory over the darkness. A new moon is appeared on the day of Diwali because of that darkness spread everywhere, though the new moon is known as Amavasya which is considered inauspicious in Hindus. But, Diwali is the exception, even this day is considered to be the most auspicious day ever, and the mythology is that by lightening the diva, the darkened night converts into the brightened night of the year,  And devotees belief that Maa Laxmi comes to each one of the houses to bless them with wealth and happiness. Because of this mostly Hindus believe that on this day they have to open all the doors, windows, and lights for a whole night of Diwali to welcome the Maa Laxmi, and enlighten the cow ghee camphor for all the night in front of maa Laxmi known as (Akhand jyot). Some of the people made kajal from the Maa jyot myth is that whosoever uses that kajal will seek the blessings of Maa Laxmi. Who doesn’t want to invite Maa Laxmi? Even Non- Hindus also want to invite her, not only on the day of Deepawali. Not only Laxmi Ji worshipped on Diwali Ganesh Ji is also worshipped along with the Maa Laxmi, and according to the Hindu mythology, Laxmi Pooja is incomplete without the lord Ganesha.


The mythology behind this story is that one day Maa Laxmi sat beside her husband Lord Vishnu Ji, and they had a conversation. The conversation starts nicely, but the belief is that Laxmi Ji turns the conversation into her extolling. Vishnu Ji feels her egoistic feeling, she continuously said: everyone wants me, everyone wants to invite me, all the people work hard to get me, the world is surviving because of me, without me, people can’t survive, Vishnu Ji smells her feeling and said in a very arrogant way, you don’t need to be on the top of the world. Being a woman, your recognition should be motherhood. Without a child, women are incomplete. You are not everything. Woman are so pleased and calm after becoming a mother, you have never experienced that, you will not understand the pain of a child. How could you take care of the whole world with this attitude? Laxmi Ji become so sad and went to the Parvati Ji. In a very humble way, she asked for a child to Parvati Ji and explained the whole scenario she had with Lord Vishnu Ji. Parwati Ji feels so heavy after hearing this, and refuse to give her child to Laxmi Ji. Meanwhile, so many questions going on in her mind such as Laxmi Ji don’t like to sit in the same place for a long time, how can she take care of my child? Will, she succeeds in the job of the mother? When Laxmi Ji gets to know the fear of Maa Parwati Ji, she promised her wherever she goes, she will take Ganeshji along with her, and whosoever wants to invite me, they have to pray to Lord Ganesha before me. Who will not do that, I will not accept their prayers. After this Maa ParwatiJi agrees to give her son to Maa Laxmi Ji. from this day devotees worshipped Lord Ganesha first before starting a Pooja of Maa Laxmi Ji.


When Lord Rama comes back, after completing his exile. Being an incarnation of Lord Vishnu Ji itself, he worshipped Maa Laxmi and Lord Ganesha to seek blessings of them. Maa Laxmi is the symbol of wealth, prosperity, happiness, and peace. Whereas Lord Ganesha is a symbol of health, wellness, he removes all the obstacles from the path and Goodluck. When Lord Rama returns to his kingdom and sat on the post of the King, Before accepting the responsibility of his Empire. He worshipped Maa Laxmi and Lord Ganesha for the health, wealth, peace, prosperity, and richness of his kingdom. By following the Lord Rama devotees start worshipped Maa Laxmi and Lord Ganesha on that day for seeking their blessings. People believe that on this day Maa Laxmi completes everyone’s wishes and fills their life with grains, wealth, and happiness. Every year devotees pray to multiply their wealth and ask for Laxmi Ji to never leave their houses ever. Thus, people keep their Gold, silver, jewelry, cash to be considered Goddess Laxmi and ask her to multiply their wealth. Devotees welcome her by flowers decoration, offers her fresh and hygiene sweets, and crack the crackers for her welcome.

What we need to keep in mind before inviting a Goddess Laxmi  I think, not only Hindus want to invite Maa Laxmi even other religions also want. But, we have to worship a Goddess, not for wealth for peace also and ask her to calm down our inner demons and all those demons who are living on the earth in the face of human being and worshipped & gives respect to all the women, because you don’t who comes in front you. May be Goddess Laxmi stands before you in the incarnation of a human being. So, keep it in a mind before inviting a Goddess Laxmi. Wrong rituals can be accepted if you are not doing properly Maa Laxmi forgive you by seeing your pure soul and pure heart. But if you were seeing every woman like your food, she will not leave you. Before cleans the houses, clean your soul. And make sure if you were not doing a worshipped in a proper ritual she will not snatch anything from you, maybe blessed with the happiness and wealth by seeing your pure soul but if you are following all the rituals which astrology told you and doesn’t treat a woman nicely, trust me there is no use, even you will be lost the everything you already have. So this Diwali cleans your souls, instead of your houses, you will get everything you want.

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