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Vastu Consultation

Vaastu, means “house”, is a science (shastra) of arranging the five elements – earth, fire, water, air and sky in complete harmony. Fundamental principle of vaastu shastra is to add value to a man’s life. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of peacefulness and prosperous living by eradicate negative energies and elevate positive energies around us. Positive energy comes with pleasing effects and negative one’s comes with harmful and terrible effects. This is when we need Vastu, to eliminate negative and increase positive energy present at a place or location. A few changes in your house can bring a lot of peace in your life. Anyone will agree to the fact that we, humans, spend most of our time inside a building, it can be our home, office or anything else. Buildings and the land on which a building is constructed has vibrations of energy associated with it. living in a building which is not built according to vastu shastra principles can lead people, loss of money, physical illness or with some disorder and in some cases untimely death of inhabitant or some near and dear ones. So it is very important to follow principles of vastu for having a happy and safe life. Keeping in mind that these days the ready-to-move-in houses where changes related to architecture are not possible, By resolving suitable changes you can bring in to balance the equilibrium of the house. For this we caught up with the renowned and World’s Best Vastu Expert Acharya Indu Prakash. He is well known for his excellent works and owns a tittle of Best Astrologer. Want to solve your Vastu Query. Contact Now world’s leading Vastu Consultant, VastuExpert.