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Match Making

Kundali Milan/Match Making -? How it is done and its significance

Kundali Milan is an Ancient and Traditional way of checking or comparing the horoscope or compatibility between man and woman to get married. Here kundali means Janam kundali and milan means checking the similarities or compatibility between two kundalis. There is One old saying in hindi everyone must have heard about it – “36 के 36 गुण मिलगए” , it is a score or points, based on Ashtakoot Matching. This old saying means that an individual’s kundli consists of 36 traits, and where girl and boy meet 36 of them is said to be the perfect match, but it is the rarest thing. That doesn’t mean if the score is less than 36, boy and girl is not compatible or they will not get married but if the score is really low, i.e below 18 then there will be less possibility of getting married, it will be considered a bad match and the couple is incompatible.

Apart from this there are some more aspects which needs to be checked by the astrologers while matching both kundalis. Kundali milan/ match making is a detailed work which is performed by the astrologers.

There are so many other guna or similarities which can be calculated for a good match. It includes many things like checking the Nakshatras, natal chart, which planet is sitting in which house, planets placements, Doshas in both kundali like Mangal dosha, Nadi dosha, bhakoot dosha, etc.


Lets start with Astkoot Gunas – How it is performed?

It is actually matching of 8 criterias, which all are derived from the Janma Nakshatra (Moon Star/Asterism) and the division of the same as well as moon sign.It is just one part of it, though it is equally impotant for Matching Kundali.

For example, there are mainly 8 Gunas which total sums to 36 by which astrologers calculate the score between boy and girl.

They are named as —

Varna, Area of Life- – Work
Vasya, Area of Life- – Dominance
Tara, Area of life- – Destiny
Yoni, Area of Life- – Mentality
Maitri, Area of Life- – Compatibility
Gana, Area of Life- – Guna Level
Bhakoot, Area of Life- – Love
Nadi (most important in Kundali milan/ match making), Area of Life- – Health and child birth).

Varna meaning in Guna Milan

Varna has 1 point. It tells about occupational compatibility. It shows persons’ inherent skills and ability towards the occupation. For example- If one person likes stability and firmness in his/her occupation and other needs variability in his/her work.
For better understanding- take an example of Brahmin Varna, shows the person putting a philosophical approach in carrying out domestic affairs where Shudra Varna shows having lots of trouble or difficulties in carrying out the tasks. It shows whether the ability and attitude towards work is compatible or not.
Vasya in Guna Milan
Vasya has 2 points. It shows the dominance in the relationship. A marriage or relationship works best if both the individuals have some level of understanding and one has to supoort the other. It’s like a “Seesaw Swing” where both the partners tries to maintain the balance between them. It is very important for both of them to have regards for opinion of each-other and as well as appreciate them for their efforts.
Tara in Guna Milan