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Scientific touch to an Astrology

Scientists say there is nothing like an Astrology. Scientists believe in the Mars, Venus, and other planets and their effect on our life, but not astrology. Most of the readers, reading this article will have read their Horoscope at least once in a month. Let’s say, you read your horoscope of Today. Now, what happens! Either the prediction will be made in your horoscope will come true, or it will not.

If things have done, In accordance with the prediction made, it will strengthen your belief in astrology. And if it doesn’t. You may start blaming your stars, moons, planets, and sun sign that their movement isn’t favorable for you.

Because the idea behind astrology is that stars and planets have some influence on human affairs and terrestrial events. And these horoscopes are the fortunetelling of astrologer of a person’s life based on oppositions of the stars and planets.
Some scientific sounding tools have been also used for calculating Horoscope like Star charts, Natal charts, etc.

Can we ever thought about this; What astrology claims & What scientist?
See, If we are talking about, Lunar eclipse and Solar eclipse.
Scientists and astrologers both are curious to know about every lunar or solar eclipse. But they both have different facts. Due to those facts, scientific and astrology seems on two different path. They all want to say, we have to stay safe from eclipse.
On the other hand, If I am talking about scientific astrology. Astrology is not absolute.
According to my, Astrology is all about probability. Isn’t it? According to our palm, face, work, location, birth time, sun, moon movement astrologer predict our future. But, they never claimed that it will happen. If they prove wrong, then it’s blame to your stars.
But the fraction of people who consider astrology that is Not at all scientific. Astrology is a belief in astronomical phenomena. Those who have faith in astrology, how can they believe in science.
Ex: Astrology says, if a black cat crosses your path, then this is not a good sign. But, there is nothing like a science. And they don’t believe in this thought.

Now it’s up to you, How you consider Astrology if you believe in facts. Then you do not believe in astrology. If not, then you do not believe in science. There is nothing like astrology in science, it’s all about estimation or prediction. According to the movement of stars, moons, sun signs such as weather forecasting, astrology also has its ways to forecast weather. But science doesn’t believe in that.
What is it according to you?

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