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Having A Good Life Partner On Time Is A Blessing!

Marriage plays a vital role in our life. This is a fact from which we can’t deny that one day we all have to get married to step forward in our life. Nowadays people would like to marry late because they want to settle down first. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be settled or someone in their life. As we all know the things will happen when the right time will come before the time no one can get anything. But our elders always suggest us to tie a knot on time because everything has to be done on time if we delay it or discard the gift which destiny gave us at that time. Then it causes so many issues in our life. Destiny’s gift is better than anything else. Timely marriage does not only make our life happy. It teaches us to bear responsibilities on time.

Everything has two aspects, same here it is in the first case we discussed those who don’t want to tie a knot soon. In another case I want to discuss with you all is that there is more than 70% off Bachelorette in India, who are dying to marry but couldn’t find a perfect match for them. Some of them are suffering because of their Horoscope or their planetary movement which is not favorable to the marriage. According to astrology, if the 7th lord of marriage lord is retrograded. And the mars is situated in the 8th house, then the problem of delay in marriage comes. At this stage, I would like to suggest you all take the help of astrology, more of the time, their remedies can remove the hurdle from the path of your marriage and helps you to find a good one in your life.

Reasons for late marriage in astrology

  • When the 7thlord of the person is weak and placed in the 6th or 8th house in the person’s birth chart. It may cause a delay in marriage.
  • A wish of getting married can be extremely delayed for a person, whose venus and Saturn are mutual friends in the birth chart.  And the moon is situated in the 8th house.
  • If Saturn and moon have a combination this is also caused by late marriage

 No marriage lifeline in destiny

Marriage is something like a dream which everyone has the right to see or live in. This boat float on love and trust. Almost everyone wants to get married earlier or later. Some of us desperate to find their soulmate. Sometimes people remain unmarried for the whole life and this is not their choice to be like this, but they couldn’t able to get their better half, it doesn’t mean they didn’t deserve anyone in their life. A tycoon man or a successful person can also suffer from this. Because of their bad reflection in the horoscope for marriage. But these cases are rare. Remain unmarried for the whole is a curse.

Remedies to get married earlier

Several remedies can help us to get married soon or remove the hurdle that comes in between the marriage or love marriage. Nothing is impossible in this world. Every problem has a solution.

Remedies are below:

  • We should offer a prayer to the lord venus.
  • These people have to marriage in the Radha-Krishna temple
  • Those are having mangal dosha in the horoscope, should read the Sundarkand path daily. Especially on Tuesday.
  • Read Aditya hridya stotram daily.
  • You can also use red coral if you are suffering from mangal dosha.
  • Enroll yourself on matrimonial sites.
  • Discuss your case with expert astrologers to get better results.

Now I am going to end the discussion over here with my conclusion that you should get married whenever you realize that age doesn’t matter but what matters is maturity and you are mature enough (Obviously but at the legal age of getting married). Also, you need to be settled in your life both financially and morally. By the way, it is not necessary that both the partners are to be matured but should be one. And if you are not able to find a partner for yourself please just check that your planet movements are favorable or not and also enroll visit matrimonial sites to do better efforts. At last, please don’t lose hope and keep trying and make yourself better.

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