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Dhanteras 2022: Items You Should Not Buy On Dhanteras

The festival of Dhanteras 2022 is about to come. This is a very auspicious time to please Dhan Kuber. It is consider auspicious to buy some special metals and things on this day which keep the house blessed throughout the year. While people inadvertently bring some such things home on Dhanteras which is consider inauspicious.

Dhanteras is a day for shopping. In preparation for Diwali and because of the auspicious year ahead, people buy gold, silver and utensils on this day.

But did you know that there is a passionate list of things that should not be bought on this day? It is believed that if you buy and bring home these certain things on Dhanteras, which is count as the first day of Diwali, you will bring bad luck instead of good.

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Here’s a quick list of things you should check off your shopping list this Dhanteras 2022:

1. Iron: Customs officials say products made of iron should not be brought home on Dhanteras 2022. But if you’re all about getting iron cookware, maybe buy it the day before. We are not spreading superstitions, only if you believe in the luck that will come your way when you buy certain things, why take chances when it comes to bad luck?

2. Steel: The ritual of buying steel utensils on Dhanteras is widespread. Since steel is another form of iron, it is said that one should avoid steel cookware and go for copper or bronze instead.

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3. Empty Jugs/Utensils: Now, no one will sell you bowls and kadhais filled with food at a cutlery shop. So, if you are religious, fill your empty vessel with water before taking it into your house.

4. Sharp objects: On the Dhanteras shopping spree, you should skip knives, scissors and other sharp objects if you can.

5. Cars: Many families bring cars home on Dhanteras as it is consider an auspicious day. But the belief is that one should pay a day in advance or not on Dhanteras 2022.

6. Petroleum: People are ask not to tolerate petroleum or petroleum products like ghee on this day. Since it would be nearly impossible to get through Dhanteras without oil (duh, cooking, lamps?), you should probably have a backup.

7. All that’s black: You should avoid any product with black colour on this day. Since Dhanteras is an auspicious day and the colour black has always been throw into the bin call bad luck, it doesn’t go together.

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8. Gifts: It is consider wise to shop and send/give gifts the day before Dhanteras but not on Dhanteras. The reason could be that since gifts can often be gold or money, it is consider inauspicious to send them out of the house on Dhanteras.

9. Glassware: Since glass is consider to be associate with Rahu, it should be avoid on Dhanteras. Maybe you should skip the set of cocktail glasses today.

10. Fake Gold: Gold tops the shopping list on Dhanteras. But fake gold jewellery, coins etc. should not come into it.

For some, these are customs that have taken root from generation to generation and should be follow, for others, they are just age-old superstitions.

Let’s know what to do to bring positivity to Dhanteras on Diwali 2022

Dhanteras is especially mark by auspicious shopping, where people buy gold, silver and utensils. But there is also a list of things that should not be done or buy on this day. Check out the list of things you should do this Diwali to maintain positivity and happiness.

Don’t exchange gifts on Dhanteras 2022

Dhanteras is the most auspicious time to buy [new things, but it is not so auspicious if you are planning to exchange gifts. It is not wise to give gifts on this day as it is believe that giving something to someone on Dhanteras can spread positive vibes and happiness.

Fill empty dishes before taking them home

It is believe that empty utensils should not be buy on Dhanteras. Okay, we know the merchant won’t give you a utensil filled with food or other things, but you can fill the utensil you bought with water before taking it into your house.

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Don’t buy a car

Since Dhanteras is an auspicious day for buying things, many people bring home their favourite car. However, payment must be made a day in advance to maintain positivity in the house.

Minimal oil consumption

Using oil in cooking is a basic thing, but on the Dhanteras festival, people are ask to avoid oil or use it to a minimum.

Stay away from the colour black

There is no denying that black is consider dark and inauspicious. People often keep it aside from any religious thing. Similarly, on Dhanteras, it is advise not to bring home anything that is black in colour.

Seal your glassware

A list of superstitions is attach to the glass itself. In India, it is associate with many myths. So it is request to avoid it on the auspicious day of Dhanteras.

At the end of the day, if you go both ways peacefully and crime-free, it’s a happy Dhanteras.