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Coronavirus is an infectious disease, which is newly discovered on 17th November 2019. Coronavirus is known as COVID-19. People who fall sick, and are tested as a covid-19 positive experience several symptoms, and the patient will recover without special medical treatment. Last year today on 17th November china found the first case in their town, this is a disease which spread from one person to another very easily. If you come in a contact with the person who is suffering from covid-19, you should maintain at least 2ft. distance, still you need to cover your face and hands with the mask and gloves respectively. It spread all over the world very fastly, and become a pandemic situation which is not possible to control till yet. The governments of all the countries try to control with the help of Lockdown to stop spreading coronavirus, neither people will not get in touch nor they got affected. And with this strategy, they can control the situation but after a lockdown of 6 months situation is more worst for countries. Cases are still increasing with their speed, we are not able to control corona even, the economy is falling. Startups are comes to end before rising, maximum people lost their jobs, big boons, the big business also comes to the position of dissolution.


According to astrological calculations, Astrology said that according to the horoscope of China on the day of Purnamasi on January 10, the Moon and Rahu were in the fourth part and the yoga of the planet Pancha was due to being in the fourth and tenth house in China. Becomes indicative of chemical leakage and disease caused by it. January 10 and November 12 are the dates in which the coronavirus is being claimed to be exposed. They had recently made a prediction on COVID-19 which had become the news all over the world, then I said that we may get some relief at the end of September 2020. Apart from India, Africa, and some other countries, the countries where lockdown has been followed regularly, where people are following social distancing and using masks will experience significant improvement. On a global scale, any major event first takes birth, then grows, and eventually ends gradually. From an astrological point of view, COVID 19 was born between 25 to 27 December, then from the global point of view 6 planets come in Sagittarius.

ACHARYA INDU PRAKASH said that, In October 2020, will make a positive development on the vaccine.

Dangers hovering around the world between 20 November 2020 and 4 April 2021 – the recession will deepen, create war-type situations between two countries, protests for some, the possibility of vaccine failure for some, the second wave of COVID 19, or There may be complications from previously infected people.

After April 2021, travel rules will be relaxed, the world will move forward, successful development in treatment. By 21 November 2021, life will return to normal, the whole world will go into a happy phase, there will also be a success in vaccines, no restrictions, no fear, economies will resume. What should we do for our safety in this corona period and what not? A little turmeric mixed with a glass of milk every day. Astrologically, turmeric is represented by Jupiter, and doing so will affect these planets more.

Take 4 to 6 basil leaves with water daily. By doing this, the planet Mercury becomes stronger. Which is associated with skin, high temperature, and nervous system?

 Drink your 2 glasses of hot water in the morning before you have a tooth. More than 70% of our body and earth is made up of water. Water is controlled by the Moon. We are strengthening our lungs by starting our day with water because the moon affects the lungs and respiratory system.

Try to enjoy the sun for a few minutes in the morning. This strengthens the planet Sun, therefore building a strong immune system.

The monsoon session of the Delhi Assembly can be called in September.

Which mantra should people chant to stay positive?

  Universal mantras are if the regular form is done by recitation then it shows positivity in abundance.

Om mantra is very beneficial especially if someone meditates with it.

 Ram mantra, it removes all kinds of negativity from your life and brings all-round peace.

 Mahamrityunjaya mantra will create a strong protective aura around you on daily chanting. Keep chanting this mantra be safe, don’t forget to take precaution. Your safety is only in your hand. Nobody will responsible for that.

                                        -ARCHYA JAIN

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