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BHAI DOOJ is the festival of love and bond between brother and sister. This festival is like a Raksha Bandhan sister who will pray for happiness and a long life for her brother. This festival is also celebrated with lots of love, heavy heart, and emotions. The love of brother and sister is beyond the world when sister gets to know after celebrating this day her brother can live many more years, and god will save him from coming troubles. Who will not do this?

This year, it’s celebrated on 16th November 2020, a day starts from 7:00 am to 3:56 am 17th November 2020, and an auspicious time for rituals and tilak is started from 16th November 2020 1:10 pm to 3:18 pm.

This festival is celebrated in many regions of the country like Maharashtra, Kannada, and many more southern parts of the country, and is known by different names BHAI BIJ, BHAI BEEJ, BHATRI DITYA, BHAI TIKA.

 The Festival of the brother-sister relationship has been considered as one of the major festivals of Hinduism. This festival is celebrated on the 2nd day of the bright fortnight of Kartik month, is also known as yamadvithiya. At this festival, the sisters apply Roli sandalwood to their brothers and wish for their bright future. There are many mythological and historical stories about this festival. But according to the story which is most prevalent about the festival of Bhai Dooj – the king of Mrityulok Yamdut and Yama love each other.

She always requested him to come to her house, but due to being busy with his work, Yamraj could not go to his sister’s house. But once on the day of Kartik Shukla, Yamuna once again committed and invited her brother to come home. By agreeing to his sister, he agreed to go to her house, and before going to Yamuna’s house, he freed all the creatures coming to hell. After that he reached his sister’s house, that day his sister the Yamuna offered her brother aarti by applying tika of sandalwood, and also made many kinds of dishes, fed his brother and his great welcome Yamraj was very happy to see this love of his sister. And asked her sister to ask for a boon.

Then his sister said, “Oh my dear brother”, you come to my house every year on this day, and on this day, every sister who respects his brother, never fear from YOU.” Yamraj accepted her point. Since then, for this reason, people celebrate the festival of Bhai Dooj on the second day of the bright fortnight of Kartik month for her brother’s long life and happiness.


The story about the origin of this festival is most prevalent. According to the thesis – Surya’s wife Sangya had two children. The son’s name was Yamraj and the daughter’s name was the Yamuna. When Yama built his city Yampuri, his sister the Yamuna also started living with him.

The Yamuna was very desperate to see her brother, Yama punishing the sinners in Yampuri. So, she abandoned Yampuri and went to Goloka. As time went on, Yamuna called his brother several times to his house, but due to the busy schedule of his tasks and responsibilities, Yamraj could not find the time to meet his sister. Thus many years passed and one day when Yamraj remembered his sister the Yamuna, he sent his messengers to find the Yamuna but nothing was found. Then Yamraj himself went to Golok, where he met Yamuna Ji. At the request of his sister, he went to his house, where his sister the Yamuna welcomed him a lot and fed him all kinds of delicious food. Pleased with this service of Yamuna, Yamraj asked to ask for her wish, then he said that brother, I also want the person to accept his hospitality on this day (the second day of the bright fortnight of Kartik month). He should not face your anger. With this, whoever takes a bath in the water, should not go to Yampuri. Such belief: Since this mythological event, this festival of Bhai Dooj, dedicated to the brother-sister relationship, started being celebrated.

From that day every sister who loves his brother calls him to her house, if married, and devotes herself to her brother on that day, and pray to god to increase the life of her brother. Nothing is pure in this world like a relation of brother, and sister. Every sister should remember this she will never hurt her brother or his reputation, and every brother or man, should learn how to be pleased with his or others sister, how to love her and shows a gesture, and every girl is a sister of any brother, don’t ruin their life, otherwise, someone else will ruin your sister’s life.


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