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Every person wants to achieve success in their life, for which they work very hard, but many times their hard work does not give them the results that they want, which makes the person think that he is in his life and his family  Failed to fulfill dreams. There is no definition of success itself but every person defines it according to them. According to me being successful means achieving the desired philosophy and planned goals. We know that a person has to work hard to achieve success in life, due to which the person can succeed in their life.  But it is also true that many people keep struggling endlessly, yet they never get success.

How can be people left to be successful? Sometimes they don’t trust their destiny or fate, as they have so many plans which can give them huge success but to achieve that they have to take a risk and execute that plan without overseeing their horoscope. But I am not saying that look over on a horoscope and doing work according to that isn’t good even I also believe in astrology.

When you are getting into a new job, especially in a business, and invest your time, career, life savings, I advise taking the help of astrology because I believe according to planets each one has their field by which they can achieve success. If any of the business doesn’t suit your planets. This may destruct your future or career. Such as a person who is going to start a diamond business but according to their planetary movement and combination only the Gold business will suit him and from that, he can be a trillionaire, but if he invests in diamond he can be a spoil his future that much, which he never dreamed of. The same will happen with job seekers or jobbers. If a student’s planets are more and more favorable in the magnetic field or scientific field but he will try and try again in the civil, does he get a success? What did you think?

Yes, of course, he will get success may achieve a good position but internally that person cant be happy even couldn’t find a reason.because as we all know hard work always pays off, and karma should greater than anything. Self Esteem which important than anything else.  Maybe if that person shows an interest in the scientific field may achieve more than ever.

One more reason in astrology, which may affect our failure and success that is called SHANI. Shani can control our careers, by their two aspects which is more important and can affect your business. If Shani is not in a suitable place or not favorable. It may give you a bad effect and at that time astrologers will not suggest you commence a new business.

The two aspects of Shani are Sadesati and Dhaiya. Sadesati is placed for 7.5 years, whereas dhaiya is for 2.5 years.

The same will happen with Mangal dosh also. If a person having a Mangal dosha, it may affect a failure and success in life.

Astrological Reasons For Failure In Life

  • When a person’s Sun and Moon eclipse are not in a favorable position i.e. not in yoga.
  • When Eight and Twelfth houses of the horoscope (Bhav) are bad.
  • When Venus or Moon in the horoscope is in the lower zodiac.
  • When the sun line is broken.
  • When there is a mole or ring on a Sun Mount.




  • Avoid taking salt on Friday – if you are facing continuous loss in business after doing so much effort you will not be getting success, strictly avoid salt on Friday, and that food which contains salt also.
  • People should donate salt and salt related food. Especially to the young girls, donate some salty foods.
  • Always be positive before going outside of the house. Temple is the most peaceful place, where an individual can go to get positive vibes.
  • To remove the effect of pitra dosha- take a coin of copper, make sure the water of the river is not stabled or stopped. It should be flowing water. Then flow that coin in the moving river. This will helps you.
  • How to get rid of debt- every businessman wants to be free from debt. The debt trap is the world’s worst thing. Which can snatch your happiness and return you to sleepless nights and unconsciousness. To get rid of debt, a person should pray to lord shiva.but the worship should be in a process. Take a glass of water, a teaspoon of honey, and a teaspoon of milk together. You have to offer this to Shiv Ji every Monday to grow your business.
  • Every Saturday should offer a prayer to Lord Shiva. Taking a coconut along with you and after prayer donates that coconut to Homeless people.


According to astrology success and failure can manage by them. And there are few things which may affect your success, and by that grace, you may achieve anything you want. But all you need is to be aware of those aspects. With the help of astrology, you can get success.

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