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Are you getting married? Does Kundli Milan compulsory to you?

Kundli Milan or you can say Kundli matching, this is Vedic astrology which is used to match a Horoscope of bride and groom for their marriage. The motive is to matching a Kundli is that their planets, moons, stars, or sun sign is favorable to each other or not. Are they compatible with each other? Especially in India when the topic of marriage comes to arise. The first thought which comes into our Elders mind is that the consideration of Kundli Milan. After this process, they will go-ahead.

When astrologers match the Kundli, they will be considered an ashta-koota (Gunn). There are 36 points among both the horoscope and according to the astrology, if 18 or more points will match, it gives a sign of a good match. If it’s below 18 then astrology will not approve that marriage.

Why Kundli Matching is important?

When two people looking forward to marrying each other. Astrology suggests for Kundli matching to check their compatibility, attitude, sexual abilities, and tendency.

Traditional ritual is still going on of Kundli matching for a successful marriage. What did you think? If the Kundli match is perfect then every marriage will be successful? No, if this is the only way to succeed in a marriage, then why divorce cases, domestic violence is rising in India. Because as we all know in India, not even a single marriage will be approved by parents without matching a horoscope. If you are well knowing each other for a very long time and understand each other. Then, I don’t think there is any need to match a Kundli. Yes, after a love marriage you found or even before marriage that your planetary position is not favorable or equal to your partner. Then also you can take the help of astrology. There are so many remedies, spiritual activities, advanced astrology, numerology to get over from all the problems you are facing. But, choosing a life partner, by matching a Kundli is not a good way.

What problems have come in love marriage during Kundli Milan?

As we all know, there is 36 gun which is considered to be match while calculating a horoscope for marriage. If Gunas are between 31-36 are a good match, Gunas between 21-30 also considered as an auspicious match. Gunas between 17-20 are considered as a middling couple, and Gunas between 0-16 are considered as inauspicious.

Note: if Dosha is found in the Kundli, like mangal dosha, this dosha is necessary to have in both the partners that marriage will also be approved by the astrology.

But, sometimes the case is different in the love marriage when both the partners are dying to marry each other and their Kundli is not favorable or approved by astrology. Then, astrology comes to help you to get over the rid of any doshas. Which effect can ruin your happy life, astrology can help you to reduce that effect.

Here I am going to end this topic, according to me Kundli matching is important to reduce the bad effect from our life which can save us from upcoming problems. But in this case, we should take help astrology, instead of choosing a partner by matching a kundli’s because nowadays, or even from ancient times our astrologers are very advanced. But after all the facts the truth is that everything depends on karma and Destiny. Destiny has already fixed our future.

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