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Sita Navami 2023: Date, Story, Significance and Mantra

Sita Navami 2023

Sita Navami 2023 honours the birth anniversary of Sita, the wife of Lord Rama. It occurs on the ninth day (Navami) of Shukla Paksha, which is the bright half of the Hindu month of Vaishakh. Devotees also observe this day, engage in puja and pray to ask Sita and Lord Rama for their blessings. The celebration is also very important to the Hindu community as it represents the strength of women and the sacred bond between husband and wife. Devotees gather to sing devotional songs and exchange sweets, which is also a day of joy and celebration for them. Read on to know more about Navami 2023

Sita Navami 2023: Date and Time

Sita Jayanti is celebrated on Navami Tithi which falls in Shukla Paksha of Vaishakha month. Goddess Sita is said to be born on Tuesday in Pushya Nakshatra. The Hindu calendar places Sita Jayanti exactly one month after Rama Navami. April 29, 2023 will be Sita Navami. From 10:59 AM to 1:38 PM is Sita Navami Madhyahna Muhurta.

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Sita Navami 2023 Date

Importance of Sita Navami

Hindus celebrate Sita Navami, a prominent event to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sita as the consort of Lord Rama. For devotees, the holiday has immense spiritual and cultural significance.

The Sita Navami festival honours divine feminine power and highlights the importance of women in Hinduism. Sita’s birth anniversary honours the virtues that exemplify women and is consider a symbol of strength, purity and devotion.

Another theme of the event is the heavenly bond between Sita and Lord Rama. It represents the ideal relationship of husband and wife, it signifies adoration, respect and devotion. Moreover, Sita Navami is an auspicious day to seek the blessings of Lord Rama and Sita. Devotees also believe that by observing fast and praying on this day, they can get blessings in their life.

As Sita, one of the most important characters in the Hindu epic Ramayana, celebrates her birth anniversary, the event also has historical and mythological significance according to Vedic astrology.

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Sita Navami Importance

A mythological story related to Sita Navami

Hindus celebrate Sita Navami 2023 to commemorate her birth anniversary. Sita was the consort of Lord Rama. Sita was born on the Navami tithi (ninth day) of Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight) in the Hindu month of Vaishaka, according to Hindu mythology.

The famous mythological story of Sita Navami is found in the historical Hindu epic Ramayana. Sita was the child of Mithila King Janaka and Queen Sunayana, so the legend continues. King Janaka discovered the little girl while performing a yajna (sacred fire ceremony). The yajna took place in the field. He adopted the infant girl as his daughter after receiving her as a gift from the gods.

Sita developed into a graceful and upright young woman who quickly attracted the attention of Lord Rama, the prince of Ayodhya. Lord Rama and Sita got married in a lavish ceremony after falling in love.

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Sita Navami Story

However, their joy was short-lived as Sita decide to travel with Lord Rama when he was banishe to the wilderness for fourteen years. Sita was capture by the demon king Ravana and taken to Lanka during their exile. To save Sita, Lord Rama waged war against Ravana along with his brother Lakshmana and Hanuman. As a result, after a protracted and fierce battle, Lord Rama defeated Ravana and rescued Sita.

How will Navami Fast be observed?

Hindus all over the world commemorate Sita Navami with great fervour and devotion. Here are some ideas for Sita Navami celebrations in 2023:

  • On Sita Navami, devotees fast to ask Sita and Lord Rama for their blessings. While some followers observe a complete fast and do not eat or drink anything for the entire day, others observe a partial fast by consuming only fruit and milk.
  • On Sita Navami 2023, devotees can perform special puja by decorating the idols of Sita and Lord Rama with flowers, garlands and sweets. To get blessings from the idols, they perform aarti and offer fruits, flowers and prasad.
  • Devotees read and recite the Ramayana, which details the life and teachings of Lord Rama and Sita. Some followers also sing Sita’s hymn Ashtottara Shatanamavali which extols Sitya’s merits.
  • Moreover, on Sita Navami 2023, believers give to charity and help others. To gain the favour of Sita and Lord Rama, they perform charitable deeds, giving money, food and clothes to the poor and needy.
  • Those who are devotees gather in temples or in their homes to perform bhajans and devotional songs in honour of Sita and Lord Rama.

Sita Navami Significance & Mantra?

The Hindu festival called Sita Navami honours the birth of Goddess Sita, wife of Lord Rama. Therefore, in honour of Sita Navami, here are some popular puja rituals to perform:

  • To prepare for the puja, get up early and take a bath.
  • The altar or the area where the puja will be performed should be cleaned. To create a holy environment, light a diya (lamp) and some incense.
  • Place an image or idol of the goddess Sita on the altar in front of you. You can also use flowers to decorate the idol and a gift of bhoga or food like fruits and sweets (offering).
  • Recite Sita Chalisa or chant Sita Mantras to bless the Goddess. The Ramayana can also be read aloud or heard being read.
  • Offer flowers and sindoor (vermilion) to the goddess as part of the aarti ritual, which involves waving a lamp in front of the idol.
  • Complete the puja by sharing prasad (blessed food) with your loved ones and friends.
Sita Navami 2023| Navami 2023|
Sita Navami 2023 Significances & Mantra

Sitain’s various nicknames and their meanings

The Hindu goddess Sita was the consort of Lord Rama. She is also referr by several other names in Hindu mythology, each with a different connotation and meaning. Here are some examples:

  • Janaki: The source of this name is Sita’s father, Janaka. “Daughter of Janaka” is the meaning.
  • Maithili: Sita was born in the kingdom of Mithila, hence the name. Its meaning is “Princess of Mithila”.
  • Vaidehi: Sita’s birthplace Vaideha is the source of this name. Its meaning is “one who is from the kingdom of Videha”.

“He who is born of the earth,” is what the name Bhoomija means. Hindu mythology states that Sita was in the wake of a ploughed field, hence the name.

  • The name Ratnavali means “garland of diamonds”. It signifies the grace and purity of Sita.
  • The name Janaknandini means “daughter of Janaka”. It emphasizes Sita’s bond with King Janaka, her father.
  • “Beloved of Sita” is the meaning of the name Sitakanta. Often referred to as Sitina’s husband, Lord Rama.