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Astrology: Is Meditation Related to Astrology?

Meditation with Astrology

Astrology and meditation are vast subjects that can take many years, if not a lifetime, for anyone to fully understand. Astrologers help you understand the effects of the outer universe on your life. Meditation will make you realize that the universe is within you; you are the universe

According to the Vedas, your soul chose when to be born into your physical body. At that exact moment, the planets and constellations lined up in specific positions and then progressed in such a way as to reflect the path of the soul in human form. At the time of your birth, your prana (breath or vital life force), consciousness (inner light) and karma (energy of past actions) were all activated for this life.

Meditation with Astrology| Astrology| Meditation|

How to harness the power of the elements of astrology during meditation

These are things you can try doing to try to ignite the energies of the astrological element during meditation. If your element is fire, using a burning beeswax candle is often recommended. Your element is earth, keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground while meditating should work better.

If your element is air, you prefer an outdoor meditation activity in a space where fresh air is in direct contact with you. Finally, for those influenced by the element of water, meditating in a marine environment such as ocean shores is most effective.

Despite all of the above information being known to naturally relate best to each astrological sign, it must be understood that people are influenced by all four elements regardless of the existence of a significant influence of one of these four.

Meditation with Astrology| Astrology| Meditation|

Keep in mind that the idea of ​​visualizing your astrological element symbol during meditation is not a mandatory requirement. That you should follow, it’s just advice that has often helped people achieve high consciousness. There are also cases where people are skilled enough to achieve the same state of mind with brain frequency without even considering the suggestions of pondering your respective astrological element. At the end of the day, it’s up to each of us to do the necessary research and find out what works best.

Meditation with Astrology

Alignment with planetary energies

Astrology recognizes that each planet emits specific energies that affect our lives. Meditation provides a powerful way to align with these celestial energies. By focusing your awareness on the planetary archetypes. You can tune your mind, body and spirit to their vibrations, strengthening your connection with the cosmic forces at play.

Meditation with Astrology| Astrology| Meditation|
Meditation with Astrology

Increased self-awareness

Both meditation and astrology are powerful tools for self-awareness. Through meditation, you cultivate a heightened sense of mindfulness by observing your thoughts, emotions, and feelings without judgment. Astrology, on the other hand, offers insight into your unique astrological makeup, revealing your strengths, weaknesses, and potential. The combination of meditation and astrology enhances self-awareness and allows you to more fully embrace your authentic self.

Astrology: Deepening intuition

Meditation is known for enhancing intuition, an inner knowing that goes beyond logical reasoning. Astrology, with its symbolism and archetypes, speaks the language of intuition. By regularly meditating on astrological symbols, birth charts, or planetary movements, you can strengthen your intuitive connection with cosmic energies. This deepened intuition serves as a guide on your astrological journey.

Enhancement of connection with celestial cycles

Both meditation and astrology emphasize the cyclical nature of life. By practising meditation during significant astrological events such as new moons, full moons, or planetary alignments. You can deepen your connection to the celestial cycles. This alignment allows you to synchronize your inner rhythms with the cosmic dance and promotes a sense of flow and alignment.

Meditation with Astrology| Astrology| Meditation|
Meditation with Astrology

Astrology: Expanding Cosmic Consciousness

The ultimate goal of both meditation and astrology is to expand cosmic consciousness and connect with the infinite wisdom of the universe. By incorporating meditation into your astrological practice. You will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, cosmic connection, and spiritual growth.

Meditation and astrology are interconnecting practices that complement and reinforce each other. By incorporating meditation into your astrological journey. You can deepen self-awareness, cultivate cosmic consciousness, strengthen intuition, harmonize mind and spirit, and align with celestial energies. Embrace the peace and wisdom that arises. When meditation and astrology converge and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and cosmic connection.


However, it is important to appreciate and know that you are influence by all four elements—Fire, Earth, Air, and Water—and each is represent in some way in your birth chart. It’s just that some people have certain elements of astrology in their charts that are more dominant than others. You can get Birth Chart, Birth Kundli, Janam Kundli online, and Kundli online from Astroeshop.

Incorporating meditation with your leading element of astrology is a great way to enhance your meditation practice. However, don’t make it an absolute necessity in order to meditate. Meditation, certain visualization techniques, and other consciousness-raising practices are just tools to help you reach higher levels of consciousness. There are many ways to enhance your meditation experience and harnessing the power of your astrology element is just one of them. Try it yourself the next time you meditate under the guidance of the World’s best Astrologer, and share your findings with a friend!