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How Astrology helps to recognize a Soulmate

Who is Soulmate and what their roles in our lives are?

A soulmate is one with whom one may has a feeling of deep affinity. It is a person whom you feel that completes you and without whom you are incomplete. Also, a person with whom you got involved emotionally substantially is known to be your soulmate. It is a kind of connection that gives you a sense of serenity and you instantly feel the kinship of extreme level.

It is not necessary that a soulmate is a person of the opposite gender or it could be related to amour. A soulmate can be anyone’s mother, sister, friend, teacher, etc. A one cannot find their soulmate with the help of astrology first because if you feel that your mother or your sister is your soulmate you could not ask them, is our signs match?

If I am talking about Life partners, Two thoughts immediately strike in my mind.

  • Can we find our soulmate with the help of astrology only? or
  • Can we find our soulmate with our choice?

If we take the help of astrology for finding a soulmate then how can it be a soulmate because a soulmate is someone with whom we love unconditionally.

But many people take the help of astrology either to check whether they are compatible with both in the future or for knowing how their planets are moving and in which circumstance or situation there is a chance for finding a soulmate. Both statements can be right or wrong. It is wrong. If you are not sure about your partner so that you are checking the compatibility it means he or she cant be your soulmate because it must be a person for whom you can even fight with the whole world.

It is also right to find your soulmate with the help of astrology because it may be possible that till yet you have not met such any person with whom your soul agrees to mate. In this situation, astrology can help you better, to find a mate for your soul who can bring good luck and happiness in your life and whom you can call your soulmate.

How can astrology find your soulmate?

Astrologers use several techniques to find your soulmate and they will tell you when you will meet them, how you are going to meet them and so many other things. They generally use Natal Charts(It is a picture of the sky, moon, and other planets when you were born. It reveals your destiny, your personality, and the objective of your soul) by checking the movements and placements of your houses and planets. Astrologers make different combinations to find a suitable one for you. Some of the combinations are as follows:

  • Moon signs and sun signs of partners are the same or not.

As sun sings are the pointers of identity while moon signs are indicators of emotional relief. Both the signs help to find the compatibility of partners.

  • Compare each other’s 7th house which is the house of marriage and are a strong indicator of whether you meant for each other or not.
  • If your planets fall in the houses of your partner or your partner’s planet falls in your houses signifies a strong relationship.

Astrology can use zodiac signs to tell you about your soulmate:


Your partner won’t let you break his soul. This is a functioning, yearning, and decisive individual who believes to control the whole sky in their fist. They will never let you down and always supports you.


Your partner will come to support you at every point of time. He will defend you from offenders and will protect you from them. They also correctly guides you to take important decisions in your life.


This person will enter your life to open your eyes wider as well as activate your better half. They will prove a mentor in your life on every path of life who teaches you important life lessons and helps you in becoming a good person and never let you go on the wrong path.


Your partner always keeps your desires and wants on his priority. They are very sensitive and emotional in a relationship.

  • LEO

Your partner is always on your side and helps you shine always.


Your partner will help you to live simpler. It will be somebody to persuade you and live up to your prerequisites and high desires. He always encourages you to grow in your life.


your partner will bring more excellence, style and happiness to your life. They will never modify your desires and wishes and always keep fulfilling as it is.


When your partner sees potential and commitment in somebody, he will open the entryways and welcome in. Your partner is so much energetic, passionate, charming, and adventurous.


Sagittarius is in every case too bustling voyaging and searching for new experiences and has positively no an ideal opportunity to glance around. Your soulmate will teach you how to balance difficulties and opportunities.


Your soulmate will be somebody who is brave and irresistible. You will learn to unravel the riddles together and treating life not so seriously.


Your partner is so creative and versatile in nature. This person should not be afraid of challenges and risks and know how to grope the opportunities.


Your partner knows how not to let him lose himself in the realm of dreams. This individual will ensure his weak nature, implant trust in him, and back all that he has confidence in.

How you think using the above information you are going to find your Soulmate.

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