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Akshaya tritya is an auspicious day. I have explained in my earlier blog about the Akshaya tritya. What is Akshaya tritya? What we have to do on that day. Everyone has their idol, some of the people celebrate an Akshaya tritya because of the Lord Adinathji, who takes food after ending his one-year stoicism. Some of the people celebrate this day because the sixth incarnate of Lord Vishnu pashuramji took birth on this day. Same as in Maharashtra, people believe to offer the king of fruit mango to Lord Ganpati. Not because it’s a yellow color. Like in north people believe to buy Gold on this day. They didn’t compare mangoes with the gold. They offer mangoes because it is a major rising fruit in Maharashtra. Ratnagiri is considered to be providing superior mangoes in India, Especially Alphanso is the king of the mango. Which is costed 500-1000 rs Dozen in the month of April. The leading merchants of the mangoes offer around 11000 mangoes in the feet of Vighanharta as a Naivedya. Naivedya means offering something to God before eating and became in the form of prashadam. It can be tangible or non- tangible. When people offer Mangoes to Ganpati. The Priest of the Temple decor with the Mangoes in the heap of row. A mild fragrance of mangoes spread all over the corner of the Temple.


This Story began because of Narada. His behavior and intend to play with others is different. He could play mind games, and through that people start fighting each other because of them. He can change the game with their mind. The story is that Narada visits Lord Shiva and Maa Paravati along with Mango. But they refuse to eat that. Then he plays his game, and suggest they offer that mango to their child. But the condition is that they can’t do a piece of that. As they have two children GANPATI and KARTIKYA. It is difficult to decide to whom, they gave mango as a blessing, their parents are seated in the center of the world. Kartikeya immediately ran with his peacock to travel the whole world. But Ganeshji will not move and stand over there and think for a while. Then suddenly start taking a round of their parents, After completing the three rounds. He said I have traveled whole the world now, I am the winner of this competition. Everyone shocked by his step, and Naradji asked, what did you say? You haven’t travel a single mountain and you said you had travel a whole world. How? Can we know the philosophy behind this? He said, Yes, You asked me to travel the world, and I did it. My parents are my world, and I travel around them, and Ganeshji announced as a winner and got that mango as a blessing. During this conversation, Kartikeya is on the round of the world. After completing the three rounds when Kartikeya came back and get to know Ganesh Ji is a winner. He asked I haven’t seen him. Anywhere, how could he be a winner? Narada explains whole the scenario in his twisted way. From that day, devotees offer the mangoes to Ganpati to make him happy and to seek his blessings.  Thus, it is not necessary that only expensive things can bring happiness, sweets can also bring”. Same as only buying a bar of gold on this day, cannot exceed your happiness, a simple sweat mango can also do that

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